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the beautiful coron

I’ve just recently arrived back from a weekend getaway…Coron, Palawan! I never knew that there were still places in the country that are being preserved as much as the Islands of Coron. Upon seeing its beauty, one word came to mind and I think same goes with the people I was with — “PARADISE”.

View from the Hotel

It’s not your typical Bora getaway where you’d lie down at the white sand, party at night, food trip by day. To be able to see the wonders that this place has to offer, you really need to make an effort. Enjoying the place needs for you to take the boat and go to the different islands, and swim/snorkle your way to see what’s underneath. What you can see under the water is actually lovelier than what you can see from outside! *wink*wink*

It was just supposed to be a relaxing weekend getaway for me, but the trip ended up to be a mixture of both pleasure, and a lot of quads and calves exercise! hehe.. read more to know why.

On day1, we headed to one of the tallest mountains of Coron, the Mt. Tapyas. It is popular for having built concrete steps for visitors to get to the top and see the lovely view down below. There isn’t really anything more upstairs but the view, but visitors take time to climb up and down 724 steps (total of 1449 steps round trip) just to see the lovely view. It was definitely a good uphill-downhill workout for me too!

Climbing 1400+ steps up and down Mt. Tapyas

View from the top of Mt. Tapyas

After conquering the Mt. Tapyas, we all went for a dip in the Maquinit Hot Springs, about 5-6 kilometers away from town. As we go nearer the destination it is noticeable that the place gets darker. There were no lights in the streets and there was no mobile network coverage! Though it was all worth it, it was like a huge Jacuzzi!

The Maquinit Hot Springs

The next day was all site seeing for us. We were told that apparently 3days and 2nights of stay is not enough to see the wonders of Coron. But we had to make the most out of it and just visit what we can. So we all chose if not the best islands, but those that we all agreed of. We went to the Kayangan Cove, the Twin Lagoon, and the Black Beach.

Entering the Kayangan Lake

Just another captivating view…

Trail hike up and then down to enter the Kayangan Cove

The popular posing area when someone goes to Coron 🙂

Kayangan Lake – water not salty at all!

Snorkelling at the Twin Lagoon

Walking at the Black (Banul) Beach

Overall it was a trip that I enjoyed. I don’t consider myself a “site-seeing” type of person, but this I have to say took my breath away (should really be good). Considering I can’t swim (terrible!), I couldn’t help but just splash myself all over the waters. It was that nice for me to forget my aqua-phobia? Hmm…perhaps I should take swim lessons, what do you think? 🙂