mission pikermi

1st week into training. It is a little difficult for me to put my head in the game as it’s like a full marathon race at work daily. My sleeping habits have been badly affected due to client calls early in the morning, and late at night. I have to focus. So far I have not missed out on my training plan though – yay! The only fortuitous event that might stop me from running, would be the rain.

Here’s a peak of how many kilometers within the next weeks will I be running:

Pikermi Training Plan by Coach FFS designed for My Lifestyle

Tuesdays and Thursdays are my easy pace runs (I don’t think I have race pace/speed trainings at all), and these will be at the McKinley hills. While on Sundays, the plan is to do LSDs to improve endurance and for me to sustain my energy for all 21 kilometers. I don’t have an exact location as of yet, but if not within The Fort area, then the Mall of Asia is also a good training ground. I also have cross training opportunities MWF, (kickboxing or badminton), but Saturdays are mainly for resting, apart from the scheduled evening runs such as the Figaro Run and Auto Review Run.

It seems a little busy, but exciting! I hope I keep up. I will need all the motivation I can get. 😀

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  1. yep! 3 training run down! more to go. hehe! kaya mo yan! i’m always here to help… one step closer to the marathon! 🙂

  2. yea 21.5kms mileage to date. if i joined everything i could have finished it na. in 3 days nga lang harhar! 😀 thanks coachie!

  3. Hi Kathy,

    Just dropping by. Good luck on your 21k training. I’m gonna need a whole lot of training and running before getting to that stage. keep it up.


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