running as a ***DIT

I know my blog has been quiet, work has been so tight. Not so many things have changed, but this is something that I should blog about – my first bandit experience! Well, not exactly – I was pacing a friend on her first 5-km run.

A close friend of mine, Carmie, registered for the 5-km run of the HSBC 150 run at the Fort. I wasn’t supposed to run it anymore though I honestly have planned to register, but just could not resist seeing my DLSU kada on a running event!

I’d say she did well, congrats Carmie! She clocked at a fair 49 minutes! Not bad at all for your first time. Other running buddies were also present, Pao, Kaye, and FFS (who was also a bandit himself pacing Martin to a 10km PR finish).

my new running buddies!

with Kaye and Carmie

Hope to run with you guys again! Miss you all.

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Someone who's been addicted to running since July 2009.

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  1. yes! live and active again! this race was fun!

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