Brrrrr Run at Baguio

Coldest weather I’ve ever encountered while running – for real! Well, where would you expect such in Metro Manila anyway? 🙂

Team Alpha1 registered for the Baguio 21K event and went all the way up to Baguio City. The gang ran the half mary, while Roi and I just ran the 10K event. I wasn’t even sure what was going on in my head and not register for a 5K instead. I guess it’s because I DID NOT have an idea how it was, running in COLD air and HIGH altitude.

But before all the hype with running, the team had a blast Saturday walking through the streets of Baguio, some of us first timers some haven’t been to the city for a while. So it was a “pasyal” day for all of us.

at an eco park

And so the big day came, the race that we have been waiting for. We have registered for this event for months back. I can say that it has been a hard experience for me. I remember almost quitting less than 1 kilometer after the gun started for the 10K category. It was TOUGH. My nose was hurting due to inhaling cold air. My throat was dry, and my legs were starting to hurt because of the incline. Again, I started to think why I hadn’t joined the 5k race instead.

After all the rolling up and downhills, I managed to finish at 1:41:59 a total of 11.12 kms distance according to my Garmin. That is including minutes of walk breaks especially after the U-turn. I knew it was going to be long and it was getting all of me mentally. Finishing it though made all the difference – I was so happy!

shortly after I crossed the 10K line – 21kers also finished. haha!

10K finishers RUNROI and KATHY

After we waited for the rest of the troop to finish, of course we still managed to take a lot of photos – funny ones I won’t put up here haha! Team Alpha1 ain’t known as Team Asaran for nothing! Oh and WE care for fashion – to share you a running hype now… move over tights and shorts, welcome, “the 3/4 s”!!.

Running 3/4s models

It was really fun-filled! Most especially because you’re with a hilarious team that never stops laughing. Really released the stress out of me. Never mind being tired at all. Here’s a picture with everyone who gathered in Baguio:

Team Alpha1 @ Baguio!

And of course, this isnt going to be the last out of town RUN trip by the team. We certainly look forward to our next destination. 🙂

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  1. i miss this. 😦

    Let’s do it again next year!

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