Pacer duties at the FS Run 2011


Before starting my boring story, I can say that the Fort Striders again did a fair job in hosting this year’s FS Run. I commend them for no longer calling it an “FS Marathon” as how they called it in 2010. Seriously, no pun intended, good job!

I remember running the 10K category last year but this time I chose to just take it slow and just run my 5Ks every Sunday. You must be thinking why, and my straight answer there is I am not in condition and part of it I am tamad. haha! (and I call myself a runner?? really now, kathy?)

FFS and I invited our friends, a couple, Carmie and Pao who both last had their debut runs at the HSBC 150 Run last November 2010. Paolo was running his first 10K and Carmie, her 2nd 5K. FFS and I are always happy to have new people on board the running community!

Race day came and Carmie had to send a proxy due to some emergencies. (Carmie I hope Tito Ben recovers soon!). Paolo brought along his sister Maan, who was running her first 5k — and, as you have guessed, I will be pacing her to the finish. I told Carmie I will happily take good care of her sister-in-law. 🙂 Maan is a nurse, I was chatting with her if she normally do exercise, but she said the only running she does is when she needs to rush through the hospital hallways as she’s assigned in the ER. (That makes total sense, right?) You see running is a way of life, it saves lives at the medical centers.

FFS’ 16k started, Paolo took off with his 10k soon after, and then it was our 5k run. I just followed Maan’s pace at the start, estimated her comfort zone, and of course there were small talks as it was our first time bonding together. Then I noticed our speed was at a constant 7:30 to 7:45. I worried a little because we didn’t loosen up, but thought we can always take walk breaks. After about 800 meters, we stretched for a bit as her muscles were getting a little tight, but she was fine, and still competitive! At that point I know I could push her a little as I saw her fighting spirit. (Usually for first time 5Ks, and sorry if my standards are too slow, but I would range it at an 8:00 to 8:30 average pace.) We did the Galloway method, and it was unplanned. It was her strategy alone. I would only tell her how far we were already, set the pace when we run, but leave the rest up to her. I was surprised and impressed she would only stop for 10-15 seconds and run back. We walked while hydrating at water stations but kept the same pace more or less until we reached the finish line.

Official time was 43:04, but I had 42:35 in my Garmin, net. We were 293/294 out of 561 runners. That is with an average pace of 8:30. I was so happy for her, and she told me she enjoyed it a lot! That made my heart melt. 🙂

Congratulations to The Fort Striders Club for pulling off a successful event! I’d give it 3/5 purpletops!

It’s so sad that I don’t have photos to post, as I left my camera at home. Would have been great to have some photos to introduce my new running buddy to you. For sure next time, I will! Oh, and congratulations to FFS for another lazy 16k run (haha!), finishing at 1:27:18, average pace of 5:25, and Pao on his first 10k (woohoo!) clocking at 1:08:06, average pace of 6:48. We all had a great time. Hope to run with them again soon.

Team Alpha1 will be at the AXN Run this weekend, September 18th divided among the 21, 10 and 5k categories. Hope to see you! For sure I’ll have photos by then. 🙂

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