Running home

The event of the year!

Who would’ve thought that I will be going home this year, because of a running event rather than plain vacationing? None. It’s been years since I got to see Bicol, the place where I grew up, not necessarily the exact same town, but in the same environment, same language, same food. I really felt excited when I knew that the team was flying to Naga for the CamSur Marathon 2011.

The team arrived at the Naga City Airport on September 24th, a day before the event. We were welcomed with bands, given floral lays and a lot of smiling and friendly people. Free shuttle vans were also provided for those going to CWC. Feeling “artista” I would say, but it couldn’t be entirely a lie as we had celebrities aboard the same AirPhil flight. We had Rovilson Fernandez, Tessa Prieto, Ex-PBB Housemates, and so on.

CWC Wakeboarding

Honestly it was my first time in CWC. I am not a water sports type of person as I don’t know how to swim! Major frustration#1 for me. I was excited with the trip for the event and going back home, even though we know that the main attraction there was wakeboarding, and perhaps swimming afterwards.

CWC pool

On our first day the team just relaxed, slept, walked around the place, and had an early dinner at the Triboo Grill. It was a BBQ place, not too fine but okay, the food was so-so, we all had Chicken Barbeque, and I know that the team has lots to say about their “buko shake”. While we ate, we enjoyed the background music of Old Filipino Songs (really?) until the waiters have probably heard us whining and played Justin Bieber afterwards. πŸ™‚

Famous “nyaaaw” resto

Race day came, and everyone was excited! Shuttle services were provided for those in CWC heading to different starting lines for 42k, 21k, 10k, 5k and 3k runners. Good thing the 5 and 10ks were starting at the same place so I had Maddy with me at the starting line. Thank God for the beautiful weather! Here are some snapshots post race.

With 21km finisher FFS

With Maddy

Near the center stage

It was a great run. I know everyone enjoyed the new route, with a lot of Bicolanos watching at the side of the roads cheering us on whether they comment “amerikano”, “guapo”, “artista”, and so on haha! Team Alpha1 gained additional fans? Pwede. I also felt at home as I was even understanding what the people in the sidewalks were commenting/saying in their native language. Last but not least, gathering at the finish line is always something the team looks forward to!

When our last team member has crossed (guess who? haha), we all headed back to the Dwell Houses and relaxed. Some slept, some took a shower, but Bry and I were going somewhere to meet 3 super special people that I love! ❀

Basilica Penafrancia

We met up with my beautiful highschool buddies, Zet (with her hubbie Ton) and Edz. It’s been months since I last saw them. Missed my girls! We went to the Basilica Penafrancia, ate at Red Platter in Magsaysay Avenue, and stayed in Starbucks for some catching up (Maybe “some” is an understatement).

Starbucks Naga

Later in the afternoon the girls had to leave back to Daet, my home town which is about an hour or so away, so I had to say bye. I had SOOO much fun ladies, there’s never a dull moment with you girls! Thanks for giving FFS an aero-scare! haha! They sent us back to CWC and we then had to prepare for a dinner celebration with the team – last night in CamSur!

We ate at Bob Marlin in Magsaysay Avenue, and it was delish! Team feasted with Crispy Pata, Sisig, Bulalo, Bicol Express, Sizzling Blue Marlin Steak, and a lot more! YUM! BUUURP!

Bob Marlin Naga

After dinner, some of us needed a push so we went to Starbucks for some coffee, before we headed to a restobar for some drinks. Coffee before alcohol is a habit that’s popularized by our team mate Jesy “SprintingSwine” Cruz. haha!

When the team got back to CWC later that night, or should I say morning, the rain was already pouring so hard. None of us even knew that a typhoon was coming. PAG-ASA already hoisted a signal # 2 at CamSur that night, but we were all still hoping that our flight is a go the following day.

To shorten what happened next? Signal #3 the next day and all flights cancelled. Team had to book a bus home at night, so there were plenty of time for the boys to wakeboard in the afternoon. Worked for their advantage!

Team Alpha1 Bus

Summing it all up, I’d give our whole trip (Run+Food+Laugh Trips) a perfect score of 5/5 purpletops !!Β  Everyone had tons of fun and I’m sure everyone’s excited for the team’s out of town trip #3, and I think we’re booked for the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon in Feb. 2012! πŸ™‚

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  1. hi there Kat! what a great CAMSUR race/experience review…and i agree with your perfect score of 10 despite the bagyo and Signal #3 and coz of that, made our trip there more memorable right?

    i didnt know you and your family are from Bicol too…small world eh? so we’re kababayan’s pala! wohoo! my dad is from Daet, Camarines Norte while mom is from Jose Panganiban in Larap also in Cam Norte.

    if not for the bagyo and tight sched with my PF group, would have loved a Daet sidetrip. we had to cancel last min our Legazpi Albay trip to Cagsawa Ruins due to Pedring, grrrr! but i have a couple of cousins studying and working in Naga City.

    out of town trips are really grand and awesome! im thankful to Bry for inviting me to drop by Triboo Grill which i missed but made it up with his invite to Bob Marlin resto. enjoyed the pichur pichur with the rest of the gang!

    hope our groups will also bump into each other next time in HK for the SC Marathon. if i push thru, thats going to be my birthday run — overseas style!

    • Hi Ms. Mars, yes! Grew up in Daet, I graduated HS there! Wow, you’re from JPang pala! Small world talaga. I agree super nice trip talaga at CamSur, it was a good decision to go.

      Yes, everyone’s looking forward to SC HK next year, I only registered for 10K though, I don’t know if I’ll run a half mary anytime soon,haha! Nice, birthday International Run for you! πŸ™‚

  2. could someone check the weather forecast sa HK? hahaha! nainggit ako, gusto ko tuloy mag-blog. :p

  3. Haha we’ll check that for sure. Mahirap magbus galing hong kong :p
    Go go! Cant wait to read it πŸ™‚

  4. wow! nice review. Di masyado nadetail ung kalokohan naten. haha!

    Matagal pa ung HK trip. gawa muna tayo out-town-trip #3 before HK!

    asan ung pinagmamalaki naming wake boarding pics? haha!

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