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Trilogy complete!

Last Sunday was RunRio Trilogy’s last installment of this year’s Unilab Run United. I was excited as majority of Team Alpha1 will be running the afroman distance (32K), some gunning for PRs, and some going for their first official 32K race.

I was at the event early for the 10K run. This year RunRio decided to have all the race categories in 1 day, unlike how he organized it last year when he divided it between Saturday and Sunday.

It went smoother than I thought it would be, and tolerable in terms of space (given the claustrophobic that I am), perhaps because he held it at the MOA grounds, which is wider and bigger than the Fort.

Noticeable that among the 32, 21, 10,5 and 3k categories, the 10 and 5k runners dominated the crowd – and I was part of that. The race started on time, Rio has probably already perfected this, and I’d say there were ample water stations along the road. One thing I really suffer of when I run MOA, is the smell of the Manila Bay, and the area near the SeaSide (dampa). I don’t know if it’s me — because I know some runners who don’t really seem to mind — but I just always almost pass out running this side (enhanced smelling abilities?! haha).

This is my 4th 10K attempt this year in my mission to go back in shape. For a slightly long distance of 10.2 (some registered 10.3), I clocked 1:30:05 net (1:29:27 at 10kms exact).  Super slow right? Although I was still happy, since I couldn’t run the whole week to train, and I didn’t go beyond the 1:30 mark. I need to train hard for my next 10K race at QCIM where my 2010 record there is 1:18. Impossible I think? haha!

Thank you Jpeg Mendoza for this action shot!


Near the finish

Overall I give this event 4/5 purpletops. Good job, again, RunRio!

After the race, the team waited until we were complete and all showered at Fitness First MOA before the most awaited Pacman-Dinamita boxing match. We were going to watch it at SM MOA, good thing we reserved seats as tickets were sold out!

But of course, we won’t ever skip breakfast. New discovery, delish and cheap food at Dennis The Grill Boy mall of Asia. Super cute wall comic strips and I really like their cartoon character. Super cool pinoy style!


Dennis The Grill Boy - MOA


Loving the cute background!

Here are some snapshots with the team, welcome Byron!


Take 1


Take 2

And of course, the team headed towards the cinemas to watch the bout – you all probably know who “clearly” won. 🙂

Go Manny!

Hats off to Marquez for a great counter-punch boxing match. It could’ve been a better one, but still, Manny brought pride to the Philippines, again!

It was a superb Sunday to end the week. Well, bummer that I caught fever, but only took me a few paracetamol tablets and vitamin c capsules to recover. Ciao! 🙂


It was my third 10K attempt this year after I got back to running more than 5Ks again. I have been somewhat depressed with my laziness in running anything more than that. I remember nearly not finishing the Robinsons Buddy Run, and walking my way to the finish line at the Nike We Run Manila.

Its becoming more depressing for me as I want to enjoy my Standard Chartered 10K run in HK. I registered for a slow time of 1:20 as an expected finish, but I am not at all near that range as my last two 10K races were at 1h 40m and 1h 39m respectively.

It was a drizzling night come the Energizer Night race, so I was actually hesitating on running. I couldn’t afford to get sick, well not at this time of the year when I’m too busy at work. Though at the back of my mind I wanted to prove myself to at least finish at 1hr 30mins. It would drive me back to training. I found myself at the gym 3 times the week before, and ran 4-5-3 kms on each day at my target pace.

The morning of the race I was suffering from from delayed onset muscle soreness after FFS gave me some drills at the gym that killed my quads. I just couldn’t move. I don’t know how a 10 minute work out felt like a 5K PR run. Amazing.

I guess all that soreness and right mindset to get my drive back worked, because FFS paced me to a 1hr 26min 45sec finish net. I know it’s still far from average but its 14 minutes better than previous, so I was happy. Thank you FFS!

Below are some photos from Ms. Mars of PinoyFitness:


With Ms. Mars of PinoyFitness


Alpha1 Pose

FFS and I loved the event overall. It was very well organized, it felt festive, there were a lot of participants but crowd was controlled well. There were a lot of photobooths which I’m sure the runners loved, and awesome prod numbers before the race started. Last but not the least the flashlights at the runners’ heads looked amazing, it was so nice to look at from a distance. Very unique. Not bad at all, Energizer!


Taken from Energizer PH FB Page

I’m giving the event 4/5 purpletops. Almost perfect but of course I noticed some cons. I won’t mention them anymore as I think they vary on preference, but in totality this is an excellent event and worth the registration fee. 🙂