Work-life Balance!

I just wanted to feature my lovely team of website product specialists, developer and project manager at work who never fails to make me laugh all day in our office-out-of-this-world conversations hehe!

It was time to take the guys out (for a change), get rid of the HTML codes/JavaScript/CSS and do something non-work related, so we all went bowling and treated ourselves to a sumptuous buffet!

Here’s our team photo at work and that’s how our workstations look like:

Serious, eh?

Team went to SM MOA Bowling Center (Which was really nice!) for a little fun:

Match Up 1 – Me and JP

MatchUp 2 – Paolo and Glenn

MatchUp 3 – Aris and Gem

…and then we went to eat buffet at:

First time to eat here!

This is Gem’s plate hehehe!

Sleepy faces? After all the bowling and carbs 🙂

Certainly had lots of laughing and (burping??) last night. Hopefully we’ll do it again! 🙂

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