Epic Night – Maroon 5 LIVE in Manila 2012

After months of endless listening to the Overexposed Album, finally Maroon5 came and gave us probably one of the best concert nights, EVER!!

I might have scratched my throat (really hurts when I talk now) for screaming my heart out all night – well from 9:00 to almost 11:00 PM I would say. Adam was phenomenal — of course with the rest of the band too.

The Araneta crowd of over 15,000+ fans went ballistic when the band sang their entrance song ‘Payphone’ — it was way too grand for me. Not to mention when you’re meters apart from them!  Oh yes — we were standing pretty close to the stage, close enough to see his pores sweating haha!

There isn’t really much to say, because honestly now I’m still speechless (haha), but certainly I had LOADS of fun — it was just unimaginable, the lights, the stage, the band, the crowd, the surprises (Sexy back rendition + Gangnam Style intermission) and of course the awesome people/fellow Marooners I was with (Jesy, Rolly and Jesy’s siblings and relatives)! 🙂

Forgive my amateurish photos — I failed to bring a good camera, but rest assured all the amazing snapshots are still in my head (what an excuse) haha! 🙂 Nevertheless below are some snaps of this exhilarating experience with Adam Levine and the band.

Excess: Adam was way TOO HOT to function!

The Cab was Maroon5’s front act for the concert

Snaps of Adam Levine and Maroon5 (Sorry I’m really biased with AL!)

Backstage passes! No long lines. Woohoo!

Rolly and I’s endless photos together hehe

Instagram photo with Rolly, Jesy and Jaemi (Jesy’s younger sister)…and Adam!

After the concert, of course everyone was thirsty and hungry, so we still had to eat at Gilmore Town Center’s Red Buffalo (shoot was that even the resto name??), I was tired haha!

Now its been a day, and I have to keep up with the Maroon5 hangover, I wonder how long will this last?? hehehe 🙂 I already miss Adam. <3<3

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  1. Kapatid!!!! You were so close to the stage!!!! Buti you didn’t faint, hahahaha!!!! 🙂 I am green with envy, hehehehe 😀

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