Love for YABU!

Okay, this is not a promotion of any sort nor a food blog/review. If you know me well you know that I LOVE going around restos pigging out. I crave for different cuisines almost everyday, and Yabu is always in the list when it’s time to eat Jap!

Guess what?! I just won myself 1000php worth of Yabu GCs!! How cool is that?? Thank you Runaround Girl for giving away these prizes!

Funny story — one of my friends tweeted me that morning when the news was published but I just couldn’t claim it was me as my name is pretty common! haha! I just had to be sure before I bragged about it! 🙂

Do I sound OA? Well I’m just not lucky with raffle draws or contests, especially online. Yes, I’m on a first timer mode, so allow me if you will, to enjoy this very special moment hehe

Anyway, here it is!! Ta da!!

P1000 worth of GCs and a Yabu Katsu Curry Shirt!

Next problem is, who should I dine with? haha! These can buy me about 3 sets of katsu/shrimps! Nom nom nom! 🙂

Thanks again Runaround Girl! Guys please do visit her blog ( and follow her Instagram (@runaroundgirl) too!

Trust me, if you’re a food explorer, you’ll love her suggestions and the places she eats at!


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