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Borrowed Title: Seoul Mates! (8 years of friendship celebrated in South Korea)

Incheon Airport with Kot

Incheon Airport with Kot

Bas and Kot at ICN Airport

Bas and Kot at ICN Airport

Our ICN Guesthouse

Our ICN Guesthouse

Headed to Seoul!

Headed to Seoul!

Snowing outside!

Snowing outside!

Subway to Seoul

Subway to Seoul

Outside TR Office, Myeongdong

Outside TR Office, Myeongdong


Tourist pose

Tourist pose

Nagiging tourist attraction na talaga ito

Nagiging tourist attraction na talaga ito

Kyeongbok palace

Kyeongbok palace


What a pose?!


Purple guards!

Palace guards -- and nakikipose talaga sila

Palace guards — and nakikipose talaga sila


Bas and the sleeping guard

Very slippery!

Namsan Tower – Very slippery!

Weird food!

Weird food at the Myeongdong District!


Bukchon Village with Hyojeong, our officemate in Korea


Love the colors of our bubble jackets

Bukchon Traditional Korean Village

Tea Time at a traditional house


the exterior – snowy!

Our Seoul home!

Our Seoul home! Mama’s Guesthouse in Myeongdong


MyeongDong Cathedral – stolen shot by Bas hehe


Bonnet on

Myeongdong Cathedral

Bonnet off

Eating street food!

Eating street food – last shopping hirit before heading home!

Our New Home

At exactly 8:00 AM Eastern Time on December 12, 2012 (12-12-12), an official press release has been announced that NASDAQ OMX that has agreed to acquire Thomson Reuters’ IR, PR and Multimedia Solutions Services Unit worth $390 million — and I am part of it.

The news was first told that we were being sold in June 2012, and from then all it was for us were anxiety. However, with this breaking news, the mood at work has started to change and swayed towards a more positive 2013 ahead of us. NASDAQ OMX currently still does not have a Manila Operational Center hence we will be the first batch and that made me more excited!

Right now I’m having early separation anxiety with Thomson Reuters, where I had my first ever job after I got out of college; where I’ve built my career for 8 years, 1 month and 2 days to be exact from the announcement day. But I’m sure things will turn around once I’ve already settled with my new employer. According to reports, deal may be closed as early as the first quarter of 2013.

So goodbye Thomson Reuters and hello Nasdaq — our new home!

Photo from

Photo from


Corporate Loyalty

Been hoarding Thomson Reuters branded stuff recently!


My new mug!


My bare cute mug! 🙂

Mouse pad, Running Singlet and Corporate Jacket

Mouse pad, Running Singlet and Corporate Jacket

Love them as much as I’m a proud employee! 🙂

Annyeong Haseyo!

Leaving for South Korea with 2 of my best buddies in the world, Basil and Mitch – in 2 days!! This is the first time that the 3 of us are flying internationally hence I’m really really excited!

Superfriends Bas and Kot

Superfriends Bas and Kot

I’m feeling like a ‘teen’ again (hahaha) because Korea always reminds me of K-POP! Haven’t packed my winter clothes yet though, I’m sure the weather will kill me again like it did the last time (-11C!!!).

What’s on the travel list?

1. Namsan Tower/Teddy Bear Museum
2. Thomson Reuters Corporate Office at Chung-gu
3. Gyeongbok, Changdeok palaces
4. COEX Mall where KR’s biggest aquarium is
5. Nami Island (Winter Sonata!!)
6. Myeongdong Cathedral
7. Hello Kitty Cafe
8. Lotte World/Everland (still thinking about this because I’ve been there before!)
9. Seoul Olympic Stadium/World Cup Stadium (if we have time)
10. Myeongdong, Dongdaemun, Namdaemun Shopping!

I wonder how many we can accomplish in 4 days. Anyway, I can’t wait! ^_^ (My smileys are turning Korean!)

Could it be the last?

You would probably think it’s too early, but this is how my beloved Thomson Reuters does it every year. We book early dates for our Year End Event (Christmas Party) to secure a huge location to house all of our over 2000 employees in the Manila Operation Centers.

This year for me is special because seriously it could be my last. Not because I am resigning or anything, but there are circumstances that our group is under, so who knows who my new employer will be in the next 3-6 months.

The theme for this year’s party was a “Yuletide Fashion Ball”. Hence it was all about how you express your own fashion. I was really amazed by the runway that they created this year, the stage production was really grand (at least for me), and invited hosts who are fashion-relevant as well (models).


Grand production, love the stage/runway!


View from the top!


The hosts Joey Mead-King and Rovilson Fernandez

Of course the party won’t be complete without food, so we all dined buffet style catered by Via Mare. There were also group presentations, all about fashion in different themes and they were really amazing. It was a good show to watch. They also raffled off lots of items, the grand prize being 3 Macbook Airs which I unfortunately wasn’t able to bring home. Sigh. haha!

Anyway, here are more photos from the event:


Big bosses dancing Gangnam Style with some analysts


With the bosses Raoul, Carl and Jojo

My team Paolo, Glenn, Ronah and Rico.

My team Paolo, Glenn, Ronah and Rico.

Ronah goofing around hehe

Ronah goofing around hehe

Photowall - forgive the vanity!

Photowall – forgive the vanity!

…and the rest are in my FB Account. Merry Christmas! ^_^

Disclaimer: Some photos grabbed from colleagues photos – with permission 🙂

Torch Experience

Finally I’ve tried this restaurant that I’ve been raving about lately. Not sure if it has several brances but I’ve tried the one along Connecticut, Greenhills.

We arrived at the place for late dinner but surprisingly people arrived later than us. It was packed! I wasn’t surprised it was full of chinky people as it was in Greenhills hehe!


Official Logo

I was curious to try the best seller dishes so we just ordered what has already been tried and tested.

Disclaimer: Again I was too hungry to take photos so I just had to grab randomly online. Thank you!!

We had the Shrimp Gambas Pizza for appetizer. (Yes its a huge thin sliced oval pizza with 8 slices, but we call it an appetizer sa sobrang gutom!) It has a mild spicy taste that made it not nakakasawa and the flavor of the shrimp was perfect! Loved this dish.


Gambas Pizza

For the main course, we shared the Salpicao Medallion which was really delicious. There were 2 big portions of Salpicao steak (so syempre we had to order extra rice haha). It kinda sealed the deal for me that night – to being satisfied. Quick tip: you have to make it cook on the stone, better order it medium or nothing more cooked so you’ll enjoy it tender until you finish it.


Salpicao Medallion

Overall I had a great dining experience. The food was great, the ambiance was nice, and service wasn’t bad as well.



Just one thing I noticed was that there were mosquitoes. Probably since they had real plants inside the restaurant, or maybe a flowing fountain somewhere. Other than that I highly recommend trying it if you haven’t. 🙂

Disclaimer: Pardon the spelling errors if any, blogging from my iPhone.