Torch Experience

Finally I’ve tried this restaurant that I’ve been raving about lately. Not sure if it has several brances but I’ve tried the one along Connecticut, Greenhills.

We arrived at the place for late dinner but surprisingly people arrived later than us. It was packed! I wasn’t surprised it was full of chinky people as it was in Greenhills hehe!


Official Logo

I was curious to try the best seller dishes so we just ordered what has already been tried and tested.

Disclaimer: Again I was too hungry to take photos so I just had to grab randomly online. Thank you!!

We had the Shrimp Gambas Pizza for appetizer. (Yes its a huge thin sliced oval pizza with 8 slices, but we call it an appetizer sa sobrang gutom!) It has a mild spicy taste that made it not nakakasawa and the flavor of the shrimp was perfect! Loved this dish.


Gambas Pizza

For the main course, we shared the Salpicao Medallion which was really delicious. There were 2 big portions of Salpicao steak (so syempre we had to order extra rice haha). It kinda sealed the deal for me that night – to being satisfied. Quick tip: you have to make it cook on the stone, better order it medium or nothing more cooked so you’ll enjoy it tender until you finish it.


Salpicao Medallion

Overall I had a great dining experience. The food was great, the ambiance was nice, and service wasn’t bad as well.



Just one thing I noticed was that there were mosquitoes. Probably since they had real plants inside the restaurant, or maybe a flowing fountain somewhere. Other than that I highly recommend trying it if you haven’t. šŸ™‚

Disclaimer: Pardon the spelling errors if any, blogging from my iPhone.

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