Baby Steps

After 9 months of not joining races, I found myself at the starting line of Run Rio’s Run United 1, 2013 last March 17th. I despised and ranted the waking-up part earlier that Sunday morning, but I have to admit that it was again another ecstatic feeling at the finish line.

I ran 5 kilometers without any exercise in the past 4-5 months (yahoo), well aside from my blossoming boxing career (chos). Oh boy, clearly I am so out of shape now, mabuti nalang I was able to warm up before the race because of some round trips up and down the parking lot (LOL Jesy, thank you for that). Anyway, I finished at a kid pace (as I was told hehe) but pwede na rin for a (re)start – at least for me. 🙂

943 / 2246 runners?!

Out of 2246 runners naman “daw” yan haha! 

Looking like I was unaware na may camera haha!

Baby steps.

Parang magfaint na ko dito haha

Parang mag-faint na ko dito haha

Thank you and for these photos! I seriously lost touch to preparing myself in front of race cams na! LOL. 🙂

Wishful thinking that I can get back to running again. BHS, maybe I will see you more often.

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