NASDAQ OMX PH Day 1 Photos

BLUE is the new ORANGE.

It’s FINAL! I’m officially with my second employer after 8 years and 11 months with Thomson Reuters (Ex-Thomson Financial).

Nasdaq OMX Time Square

Nasdaq OMX Times Square, NYC

Some photo booth shots from the day 1 celebrations:


My buddy for almost 9 years – Mitch. She’s been with me since I started working.

...and another

…and another


My EMEA team, all buttoned up hehe


With my adopted EMEA team Elle and Chico


My EMEA boys goofing around 🙂


My APAC Team – Jhet, Ronah, Aris, Glenn & Gem


Gem looks funny here


With my APAC Team adopted, Angela Chua

Our welcome gifts:


Very cute packaging – muntik ng di lumusot sa customs 🙂


Notebook, metal puzzle coaster, and a pen

CHEERS! #itsmorefuninthephilippines

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