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Missing Tokyo (Part 2 of Japan Trip)

Another long overdue post! But something that shouldn’t be missed. I haven’t blogged in a while again, but today I just felt like finishing what I have started last year – my summary of our Japan trip last April 2013!

Tokyo has probably been one of the places that I always had in my travel list – why? Perhaps because of the culture, the technological advancement, high standard living, and more. I’ve always wondered how a country so near the Philippines can be considered first world??

True enough I’ve enjoyed every bit of that trip. Here are some of the highlights, and places that made a mark for me and I highly recommend to visit when you go to Tokyo. The fastest and I can say easiest way to get around the city is through their subway. Despite it being Japanese, it was very easy to read and navigate, not to mention they now have letter/number codes to make it easier for tourists!

iPhone 622

Probably the biggest Uniqlo store with 12 floors (8 for shopping), at Ginza, Tokyo.

iPhone 629

Ginza, Tokyo – they close the roads oon Sundays for shoppers, look how nice this street is. There are huge buildings but the roads are narrow.

iPhone 638

The famous dog Hachiko in Shibuya! My sister was so gigil she wanted to bring it home hehe

iPhone 642

Visit the Izakayas (or inuman places) in Shibuya. We enjoyed their cocktails and unlimited supply of edamame!

iPhone 640

Shibuya Crossing – MUST SEE! Probably the busiest multi-road crossing that I’ve seen. Best at night with all the lights and when people are off work.

iPhone 649

Tsukiji Market – enjoy free tastes just by going around the market and mabubusog ka na! hehe lots of ramen places, don buri, sushi and pasalubongs etc.

iPhone 653

Find this chasyu ramen place in Tsukiji because it is really the BEST! Just remember this logo.

iPhone 655

Tsukiji – then we went into this sushi place, it was a bit pricey but they really make fresh ones. Again i’m not a huge fan but I really loved what he made for us!

iPhone 661

Tamago and Kani sushi were my favorites! 🙂

iPhone 664

You’ll see Yakult street vendors in the streets too! My cousin Terri bought one just for the heck of it.

iPhone 673

Akasaka – the CBD. I had to take a side trip to visit my previous employer’s headquarters, Thomson Reuters. For a few hours I experienced how it felt like going to work there haha…

iPhone 687

Harajuku Street – visit this place on Sundays as the young ones/teenagers dress up like cosplayers or anime. They call it the shopping and entertainment place.

iPhone 688

Harajuku – one of the shops. It is the place where you can see the trendiest clothings and accessories for teenagers!

iPhone 691

Pablo Cheese Tart Shibuya – a new discovery! We found ours in Shibuya but it may have already new branches now. It was super delicious. I’ve seen nothing like that here in Manila

iPhone 692

Pablo Cheese Tart – the real thing!

And there you have it, my recollection of my Tokyo trip in photos. Of course a trip won’t be complete without vanity shots! Sorry, babae lang! 🙂


PURIKURA (also known as neoprint) – they say you’ve never been to Japan if you don’t have this!

iPhone 697

…and a Tokyo Selfie at a Shiseido Boutique hehe!

til my next trip! 🙂