My Love-Hate Relationship with McDo

I LOVE FASTFOOD. That’s a given, and who doesn’t? Who would exchange for convenience, affordable food, availability, with an OK quality? I am one of those frequent drive-thru goers, especially because there’s one branch that’s almost right across where I live.

But above all the good things that fast food has to offer, the below charts display THE MAIN REASON why sometimes I “hate” going to McDo (for lack of a better term), but nevertheless after a while, I always end up going back! haha!

Golden Arches Development Corporation has previously published a full list of McDonalds’ Philippines food nutrition facts. Read on and compute the CALORIES you consume in a week :p

(Click on the images to magnify)


Original Photo from

I guess at the end of the day, it boils down to how much you eat. For sure a little amount a week won’t hurt, as long as you equip yourself with ample exercise, and match it with healthy food for most of your days.

Happy healthy eating! 🙂

Source of Nutrition Facts: FoodieTraveller WordPress
(Thank you!! I’ve been looking for this chart! :))

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  1. I will probably be back again to browse much more, many thanks for the data.

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