South Korea – Third Time’s a Charm

So I’m back to the beautiful country of South Korea this year, but the first time that I’m visiting during spring. The weather was awesome, it wasn’t too cold, and it was perfect for sight seeing.

This year I went with the boyfriend’s family…haha okay this is the first time that I’m mentioning this guy beside me (in photo below), so I’m officially introducting Jasper a.k.a. “the boyfriend”! I’d say this trip was totally different from the Winter Seoul that I’ve seen in previous years, and because it’s not too cold, going around outdoors made it much easier for me!

We went to the Namsanggol Village, which looked like Bukchon Village in my previous post. It also features traditional Korean houses, flowers, and nice views for visitors to take photos from.

photo 1

One of the beautiful village doors

photo 2

View from inside the village


We also went to the Myeongdong District, of course for shopping and for street food. We all surely enjoyed all the different variety from the long stretch. The price were not so high and they were really good! I captured this priceless photo of how this guy admired the potato stick hehe

photo 3

Healthy? or not? :p

We also watched the Cooking Show at the Nanta Theater. It’s a must see. Actually this is the second time I’ve been in this theater and they always feature good shows. This cooking show is nothing for moms only or women, it’s a show everyone can really enjoy.

photo 4

Playing with the knives

We also did research for some good eats and this resto particularly captured our attention. Try it when you’re in Myeong Dong. The name is Bong Chu Chicken. They only serve this dish, but trust me it’s super nice! See the smile on Jordan’s face (who is the boyfriend’s brother).

photo 5

Jordan and his spicy Bong Chu Chicken

We also went to the NamSan (North) Tower, which is probably one of the destinations you shouldn’t miss when going to Korea. This is my third time going to the tower, but this year, it’s more special (naks!). Okay get ready for the cheesy-ness. We placed a padlock in the Love Locks section, they say if you leave one then you’ll never be apart. Hopefully one day if we go back, we can still remember where we put it though!

Location: It’s at the second floor, near the 10th pillar from the left edge. Find it if you go there? 🙂

Side comment: The lock was provided by the boyfriend’s mom by the way. We weren’t really prepared 🙂

photo 1

Forgive my ugliness in this photo. It was dark and it was the most the iPhone flash could do

photo 1q

Closer look at the lock, it says “Jasper ❤ Kathy”

Next stop, the Mt. Seorak. I have never been here before. It was a few hours of travel from the city, but worth it. There are actually a lot of things you can do aside from sight seeing. You can ride the cable car, or do different kinds of hiking, at different difficulty levels. Spend a whole day to make it worth it.

photo 2

The Mt. Seorak fortress is at the top of the rock behind us.

photo 3

Taking advantage of couple shots hehe

photo 4

View from the reception

photo 5

Family Selfie! Thanks to Tor’s monopod

photo 1

More cheesiness…


The following day we went to the Nami Island, the home of the Winter Sonata. Again, another first time destination for me. One thing I bring home from being in this island is that it’s the all-time cheesy place. It is perfect for couples as you can take photos with nice views everywhere.

photo 2

Entrance palang, may photo na 🙂

photo 3

The mini house

photo 4

Loving these pink trees, good thing the bf’s a sport, or wala syang choice but to take a pic with me! 🙂

photo 5

The “first kiss bridge”, popularized by the Winter Sonata

photo 2

Cute haystack houses. With Tor and Dina, the girlfriends of bf’s brothers

photo 3

The bf’s brothers

photo 4

Probably my favorite couple shot – The Ginko Tree Lane (Straight Line Trees)

Last but not the least, we went to Everland. I’m not a huge fan of theme parks, but we had to go for the reason that the boyfriend likes animals. Yes he does and we couldn’t miss it haha! To be fair with them though, you will be amazed by their zoo, the safari ride was great (truck turning into a boat), and there were so many animals we’ve seen that you won’t find in the Manila Zoo, not even in Singapore’s Night Safari. I have one happy kid after that visit. 🙂

What struck me though are the lovely flowers. As it was spring, it was the perfect timing for tulips to bloom. These are just some of the photos I took but there’s more in my Camera Roll.

photo 1

Tulips of different colors

photo 2

Life size comparison, they were big ones!

Last but not the least, I’d just like to showcase where we had our dinner on our last night. We really had to go beyond efforts to look for this hole-in-the-wall but very nice restaurant that cooks Beef Sirloin — and it was SO WORTH IT. The name of the restaurant is Daedo Siktang.

photo 3

Yummy and very tender beef sirloin

photo 4

Best in Korea since 1964!

Piece of advise when travelling to South Korea, it is really good to be prepared with your print outs having all the addresses of the places you want to visit, restaurants and basic Korean phrases with you. You’re lucky if you get to speak to people who can speak in English, but just be prepared. Perhaps I am a bit lucky as my previous employer graciously sent me to Korean Language school, but otherwise, just be prepared. In our trip alone, 5 out of the 9 of us got lost at some point in the trip, but they’re all fine now. So print print print!

Anyhoo, it was fun recollecting this trip, it’s been a month but all the weight gained is still in my belly! 🙂

Until our next trip!


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