Exploring BALI, Indonesia

If you’re a beach lover, if you frequently go to Boracay or Palawan to hit the white sands, then probably one other destination you’ve thought of going to, would be BALI. I had the same plan in mind.


So again, when Cebu Pacific included this destination on sale, I found myself booking another impromptu trip. When I was researching for it I wanted to stay somewhere quiet, because my main goal was to relieve some stress from work. I read a lot of blogs, Trip Advisor, and other sites with testimonials.

Bali has so many beaches north, east, west and south. It depends on what environment you’re after. So after several days of contemplating, we ended up booking a hotel at Nusa Dua, the name of the hotel being Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa.

The Nusa Dua area is considered to be a quiet beach of Bali as it is private. You’ll need to enter the Nusa Dua Beach Complex where a number of mid-high end hotels are located, and they all share a strip of private white beach. It’s perfect in the morning but tide gets REALLY low in the afternoon.

Here’s our hotel, very Balinese looking right? Service was great and it was so big there was so much to do. They have 2 huge swimming pools, 1 lap pool, a gym, Squash court, game room, tennis courts, sauna, Jacuzzi, name it.


By observation, we noticed Bali’s doors/gates all look similar, but in different sizes. They look similar to the gigantic one we have at our hotel.

Another thing that I was very excited with going to Bali, aside from the beach and hotel, was the food. Prior to the trip we’ve already researched some food options to try, and I believe we pretty much succeeded in tasting their most famous local food!

Bebek Bengil – LOOOOVE. This is like Duck Crispy Pata.

Warung Babi Guling Ibu Oka 3 – Their suckling pig was yummy! Not to mention the balat.
Photo from CuisineQuest

Naughty Nuri’s – Exceptional, juicy and tender BBQ Pork RIbs.
Photo from TripAdvisor

We also recommend doing a sunset dinner at Jimbaran Beach. We tried the Blue Marlin Restaurant as recommended by our tour driver, but since it’s Dampa style like here in Manila, I think you are safe to choose pretty much any resto, just choose the ambiance. Price ranges are quite pricey, but you’ll love the view of the sunset. Perfect for romantic dates! 🙂

Aside from the hotel and food, I was also interested to know about Bali’s culture, the locals’ life away from the beach, so we went on a day tour to the town of Ubud, and neighboring places.

Batuan Temple – very nice Balinese Structures and picture perfect if you’ll ask me!

The Monkey Forest – cute little monkeys you can hang out with, feed, but can’t touch!

Luwak Coffee Tasting – Coffee that’s processed out of the Civet Cat’s Poop. We also tasted other sorts of coffee (that tasting coffee strip in the photo below is free!), I just had to pay for the cup of Luwak Coffee (on the lef) for 50,000 IDR. It tasted stronger than usual coffee, and I was already contented with just tasting it. It was quite pricey too! Since I am a coffee lover, I brought home 1KG of ground Arabica Bali Kopi! Yay! 🙂

Ubud’s Rice Terraces – it was a nice sight to see even if we have our own up Northern Philippines.

Last but not the least, the BEACH. I’m quite surprised myself how I haven’t sun-bathed after my 3 days of stay in a place where I had the BEACH in mind all along – but yet I was having so much fun!

Nusa Dua Beach

Kuta Beach

As you will notice, the beach was okay. Nusa Dua’s beach was quiet, the sand was semi-fine, but the water wasn’t very clear. We saw leaves floating around near the shoreline. As for Kuta, I will have to agree with most blogs that it’s not ideal for swimming as it’s a public beach so you would expect that other beaches in Bali would be nicer. In my honest opinion, I prefer the white sands of Palawan, Boracay, or even Davao’s Samal Island. Our sands and beaches are way better here in the Philippines.

To my pleasant surprise, I loved Bali for it’s culture, structures, and I loved trying out their food. For a picky eater like me it was quite surprising I tried some of their authentic spices – which they really LOVE.

Bali is one of the places where you can go and enjoy their culture, taste and feel something new. But if you’re in search for the finest beach/sand in the world then you don’t have to go down the map too far! We still have the best ones here in our country! 🙂

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