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Who’s year was it?

It’s been more than a day after the end of the US Open Tennis 2012, and you still hear Andy Murray’s name all over the news. Who can blame media? It’s been a 76 year drought to any British man claiming a singles grand slam championship. I was actually routing for Andy as I’m not such a big van of the Djoko — but I have to applaud his sportsmanship though during his speech (and comment for Andy) at the championship’s awarding ceremony.

As we all know the US Open 2012 is the last grand slam tournament in the tennis calendar year, but the season technically isn’t over until November. However, at this point, I think we can already conclude who the best player of the year is, no?

If you would look at the standings past last week’s tournament in New York, Roger Federer and Victoria Azarenka retained their #1 spots in the ATP and WTA Tour World rankings respectively. It doesn’t say though that it has been their year, as we know the rankings have changed multiple times, usually after a slam as that’s when the players are awarded with most points.

Who retained their spots and who were the new additions to the slam finalists? But first, here are the 2012 grand slam champions and runner ups (I just love making my collages!).

New comers to the hall of champs:

Victoria Azarenka – winning her first grand slam title at the Australian Open 2012; finalist at the US Open 2012

Sara Errani – finalist at the Roland Garros (French Open) 2012

Agnieszka Radwanska – finalist at the Wimbledon 2012

Andy Murray – winning his first grand slam title at the US Open 2012 (who also won the Olympics)

Some further analysis or whatnots:

  • In the men’s division, notice how the current world 1-4 players have won 1 grand slam each.
  • In the women’s division, the current world 1-4 players have at least reach the final, only Agnieszka Radwanska failing to claim a title.
  • Serena Williams won the Wimbledon, the Olympics and the US Open, 3 major events in a row.
  • Andy Murray was finalist to Wimbledon, won the Olympics and the US Open consecutively.

So who’s year was it? It’s quite hard to tell to be honest. But in my opinion (and you may have your own), I’d give it to Serena Williams and Andy Murray.

Of course the big names like Rafael Nadal (who’s missed majors this year due to an injury), Roger Federer who’s world #1, and Novak Djokovic who’s world #2 have played very well this season claiming slams and ATP Tour titles in their belts as well. But if you talk about huge come backs, definitely Serena and Andy both stepped up their games and impressed (if not shocked) all the tennis fans.

I also have to mention though that I was overly happy for Maria Sharapova when she completed her Career Grand Slam by winning Roland Garros this year, and Roger Federer will have the record of the most # of weeks in the top spot of the rankings for 300 weeks in October 15th. As you know they are my male/female bets. 🙂

Anyhow, there will be about 14 more+ events for the remainder of the year and I’m sure that these will still affect the world rankings. Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer’s difference is too narrow to say that Roger will end the year as #1, but Victoria Azarenka’s distance from Maria is over 2000 points (as of this week) and I’d probably say it’s almost a guarantee she’ll end as world #1 (though really who am I to say that?).

But then again, certainly it’s been a very entertaining year for me AGAIN, as it always has. I’ll be looking forward to the next grand slam event in 2013, at the Melbourne Park in January. 🙂

The year that it was…

It’s almost end of the year, and I hope you will agree that a lot of surprises happened this year in the world of Tennis. New grand slam titlists went home with their trophies, and I couldn’t be more proud that 2 female champions from the Asia Pacific went home with their 1st ever grand slam titles.

Sad that while I was gathering the photos, I only got to see both my all time loves MaSha and RF once in the 8 photos and both holding runner-up trophies. But not bad right? Roger Federer so far stands with an ATP Record of 46-12 (majority won at the hardcourt), ranked 4th in the world and has won one tournament in 2011, at the Qatar Exxon Mobil Open. Maria Sharapova on the other hand has had a better year, with a WTA Record of 43-11 (majority won on hardcourt & claycourt surprisingly – she’s not known to be a slider), ranked 2nd in the world and has won 2 tournaments in the Internazionali BNL d’Italia and the Western & Southern Financial Group Women’s Open.

Looking at the line up of the Grand Slam Champs this year, it only proves that the ball is round. It was the end of the Rafa-Roger era where they would just switch turns in winning grand slams. I’d say this year is Novak Djokovic’s. He won 3/4 grand slam titles this year 2011 and has claimed the ATP world number 1 spot. Good job Nole! One observation – he didn’t win at the clay this year, if not it could have been a Golden Slam. This was the same dilemma that Roger had in his reign. He was just unsuccessful to win the French Open when Rafa was around. On the other side of the fence, notice how our WTA World #1 Caroline Wozniaki still hasn’t won a grand slam title. Will next year be a better year for our Danish tennis player? And last but not least, don’t you find it surprising how the Williams sisters dropped low in the WTA rankings, but just before the year officially closed, Serena was able to grab a RunnerUp trophy at her home in Flushing Meadows? It was so unpredicted that it made the World Tennis all the more a lot of fun!

Here’s a summary of the year that it was, after the 4 glorious grand slam tournaments have ended:

Australian Open – Women (January 2011)


Champion - Kim Clijsters (BEL); RunnerUp - LiNa (CHN)

Australian Open – Men (January 2011)


Champion - Novak Djokovic (SRB) ; RunnerUp - Andy Murray (GRB)

French Open – Women (May 2011)


Champion - LiNA (CHN); RunnerUp - Francesca Schiavone (ITA)

French Open – Men (May 2011)


Champion - Rafael Nadal (SPA); RunnerUp - Roger Federer (SUI)

Wimbledon – Women (June to July 2011)


Champion - Petra Kvitova (CZE); RunnerUp - Maria Sharapova (RUS)

Wimbledon – Men (June to July 2011)


Champion - Novak Djokovic (SRB); RunnerUp - Rafael Nadal (SPA)

US Open – Women (September 2011)


Champion - Sam Stosur (AUS); RunnerUp - Serena Williams (USA)

US Open – Men (September 2011)


Champion - Novak Djokovic (SRB); RunnerUp - Rafael Nadal (SPA)

Congratulations to all the Grand Slam Champs this year, you all gave me a lot of excitement, reason to watch TV, eye bags, and lots of good stuff! I look forward to another awesome Tennis year 2012. 🙂

who’s taking the last slam this year?

Pardon me for posting something not running, but apart from my apparent addiction to running, comes this sport named “tennis”. it’s something that I have always loved ever since I was a kid, and considered to be my life’s biggest frustration – on not making an effort to learn it.   

Three (3) slams done this year, and it all boils down to the last, the US Open. i feel so disconnected as my cable TV at home does not have coverage of this open. well I guess good for me as if it did, I might end up being a zombie at work since most of them happen wee hours Philippine time. 🙂   

the last tennis grand slam tournament for the year

My bets. I have always been a Maria Sharapova fan, for she is so pretty, and tall, and fit, and she endorses NIKE. But it seems that her career pattern has been broken this year (currently at World#17). She’s won a slam in every 2 years since 2004 when she won Wimbledon at age 17, but missed to fish one in 2010 after losing to Caroline Wozniaki in the 4th round in this tournament. Well, good luck Maria, you can try again next year!  

Maria and Caroline shake hands after R4 match (taken from Yahoo)

On the women’s singles draw I am currently seeing the possibility that it will boil down to the US Open top seeds Caroline Wozniaki (Denmark, World #2) and Kim Clijsters (Belgium, World#3) having 3 titles each this year in the WTA tour. Of course the mighty Williams sister Venus is still alive, but I’m eyeing on the first 2 gals mentioned to take the slam. Secretly though, I’d like Kim to take it! 🙂  

Kim earning a slot at the Semis

On the men’s singles draw, should I even bother to speak? I am a die hard RF (Roger Federer) fan from head to toes. Yes, he might have lowered his world ranking to #2 (behind Rafael Nadal of Spain), but that does not suffice to say it’s the end of his career with 16 grandslams. Boo to those who judge my Roger. 🙂 haha! Anyway, I know that there are still a lot of great players standing out there such as Rafa, Soderling, Novak, but I am very hopeful for another RF win! He’s up to play Sweden’s Robin Soderling next, and he knows it will be tough. Robin has beaten RF in the quarterfinals of French Open this year. My cheer: “Let’s go Roger, let’s go!”  

Roger earning a slot at the US Open’s QF

Just a few days left before we reach the finals, and I am so hyped! It gives me the rush watching excerpts and clips of the matches, what more when I get to watch it live and from start to end. Aside from the marathon dream, it is also a dream to be able to watch a grand slam tournament LIVE and in PERSON! Would be major major great if its Wimbledon though..hehe *hopes up!*